Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What is it like being in a large family?

-sleeping past dawn? NO WAY! You're lucky if you make it UNTIL dawn!
-getting as much breakfast as you can possibly eat? No, not unless some of the others don't eat all of theirs!
-getting anything short of a homemade meal? Not often!
-get away without taking an afternoon nap or quiet time, nope!
-having juice, pop, kool-aide, or anything else but water or occasionally milk to drink? Don't think so! -sitting down to a quiet table for meal time? Are you kidding?! Way to much to talk about!
-brand new clothes? Yes, if a tag from Goodwill or a pulling them out of a grocery bag because somebody set it on your porch means they are new. Does the phrase, "New to you," come to mind?
-own room? Not! And if you did have your own, who would pray those scary dreams away or hide under the covers during storms with you?!
- own bed? Yes, IF you decide you want to be that lonely and not WANT to have a little sibling crawl into bed with you!
-playing by yourself? Who would want to do that anyway?:)
-looking for help with your school work? Take your pick! Lots of people have been there, done that!
-watch TV? IF you can find something on the 3 channels we get and who has time anyway?
-feeling left out and alone? NO POSSIBLE way!
-bored? Better not say you are, mom WILL find something for you to do!
-have to answer dumb questions from other people about how your life is because you are from such a large family? Constantly!
-good at communicating with ALL ages? Of course! You HAVE to learn how otherwise you will get ate alive!

-life is always perfect? Hardly, but the joy of sharing your life with many others day in and day out is simply put...PRICELESS!

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