Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Annnouncement...

Okay, I have some work to do! The Duggers, you know the family on TLC that has 18 kids, just announced they are having their 19th child! My son informed me we only needed 8 more to tie them! The difference is they have at least 2 sets of twins. Me, not any, YET! They do say the more children you have, the greater the chance for multiples! I was a nanny for twins 17 years ago and always said it was prepartaion for my future! So if this were a contest, I got some work to do! But since it is not a contest, just people surrendering their lives to God and wanting to be obedient, I will enjoy my 11 beautiful babies and anticipate an announcement of my own in the next 12 months I would guess! We will see!

Congratulations Dugger family!


Debbie said...

I just read this and posted the story on my Facebook...I think its awesome..and their 1st grandchild is due next month!

Shelly said...

Holy Cannoli!!!!! I do love watching that show, Michelle is so sweet and has such an incredible calling! (just like you! :-)


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