Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being Frugal

Doing a post on ways to save money in the coming week.  First, I would like some ideas from my readers on simple ways they cut costs!  I would like to include them in my coming post!  Thank you! 

Off to the store I go! 


Carole said...

Buy a bread machine...The ingredients for bread much cheaper than buying the loaves from the grocery store. And, my family loves homemade bread!!

abba12 said...

I found just shopping once every two weeks to be a great money saver

Also, buying veggies in season or on special and freezing huge batches, if you have the freezer room

11arrows said...

Thanks for the ideas guys! I will be using them in my coming post! I do BOTH of them! Homemade bread AND shopping every two weeks! Great money savers!


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