Monday, November 9, 2009

A little taste of heaven

This weekend, I had the experience of going back to what I call my "home" church.  A church where 15 years ago, God sent us to and where the passion for Him began!  We were there for 5 years before we moved and the people who impacted us for Christ at that church was awesome!  We built friendships and had such sweet fellowship with them on a weekly, sometimes daily basis!  We saw how a relationship with God differed from just knowing about God.  We fell in love with Jesus because of the example of these loving, genuine lovers of Christ!  God's glory was revealed to us and we began to seek more of Him along side of these beautiful people.  When we left the church, I mourned for a long time!  I was moving away from a huge family!  People who supported us, had accountability for us, prayed for us and loved us!  It was very hard for me.  As time has gone on, God has been so good and the continuing of following His heart has never grown old and the example they showed us at the church has never left my heart! 

Yesterday, I went back and walked through the doors.  Now, I was excited to see them as I anticipated going that morning, but I NEVER expected what was to come!  Faces I had forgotten and those I held so dear were flocking to us!  People with faces of joy just to see us and the beauty of their faces when we saw them!  The flood of tears began!  The raw emotion of love that poured out of me from seeing those loved ones was something I don't remember ever having.  Please understand I have been moved to tears after missing somebody and seeing them again, but this was a multitude of people that moved me to tears all at one time! 

God then gave me the vision of what heaven would be like.  When I walk through those gates after I pass from this world and enter my eternal home!  The people I will see that will come running to me!  Ones I have probably forgotten about and definately ones like my grandpa and sister I will once again be able to see!  And the part that will be so great is I will have eternity to be with them!  Yesterday, I only had a few moments with all who were there, but not in heaven!  That makes it even sweeter!  Finally, to be with my Jesus who loves me and has shown me about what love really is!  I will have the honor of living with Him in   my final home! 

I hope all who read this, are able to say they are ready to be with Jesus someday!  I hope you have given your life to Him and have that peace that passes understanding that you will be in heaven after your life on earth is through!  It is not just a fable or a fictional story!  It is going to happen!  You have a choice this day whom you will serve!  The world or Him!  Please let it be Him!  There is not greater joy than a life built on nothing less that Jesus blood and righteousness!  Today may be your last or you may live to be 100 years old, but whatever that may be, I hope you are ready to walk through those pearly gates and live forever with Him!

And there is my preaching for the year!  He bought us with a GREAT price!  Take that cross and cherish it!  You will never regret it!

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