Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

But it's warm inside with just my diaper!

I could not peel my kids eyes away from the windows this week! We got our first snow storm and were snowed in for 2 days! With the exception of running out of toilet paper, ( the first day, I might add!), it was a wonderful time! Baking, playing games (not uncommon in our home!), and playing in the snow! However, the idea of not having the ability to go out, was calming to me! My hubby could not even get into work! So, for a couple days, we did not think about where we had to go or what was waiting for us outside of our 4 walls! And I liked it that way! But now, it is back to running errands, buying toilet paper :) and piano lessons! And I like that too!

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Shelly said...

Being snowed in is fun! It doesn't happen nearly enough where we live...


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