Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 secrets about me!

I got this idea from my friend at and hope that you join in the fun and do this also! 

10 secrets about me that you may or may not know, and maybe some things you really don't CARE to know!  But here they are anyway:

  1. I don't like animals and yet we have 11 (possibly more) because my kids LOVE animals!
  2. Messes drive me crazy and I have to use much self-control when my children make them!  (Not good when you have 11 children!)
  3. My husband and I knew each other well for about 6 weeks before we got engaged
  4. I struggle with my self-image and have to bring it to the cross many times a week
  5. I have never been on a honey-moon OR vacation with my husband.  (I have gone away on business with him for a couple days!)
  6. I have a great fear of bridges and bats!  (Maybe it is the letter 'b' I don't like?) 
  7. I have a best friend that I have known since I was 18 months old
  8. I never made a meal before I was married, now I have to make sure there are meals for 13 people 3 times a day!  (I guess I am making up for lost time! )
  9. I never did a load of laundry until I went to college and I turned my first load pink and had to wear them that way for a longer time than I wanted too until I went home to visit!  Now I do AT LEAST 4 times a day!  (Also making up for lost time!)

  10. I have a HUGE weakness for DARK chocolate and that weakness rears it's ugly head every night after the kids go to bed, so I don't have to share!  :) 
Please leave a comment on my blog so I can check out your secrets!  I would love to know you better too! 


Deb said...

I didn't even think to share about me and DH!! From the day we met to the day we married was exactly 4½ months!!! We just celebrated 26 years this past December. Loved learning more about you!!!

Mama Hen said...

I can't even think of 10 secrets about myself! I'll mull it over and if I do it I'll let you know.

abba12 said...

I'd love to hear how you and your hubby met!

11arrows said...

abba 12- nothing real exciting about how we met! My brother detasseled ONE summer in a town and my husband also did the same year. My brother said he had this really good guy he wanted me to meet!(He NEVER let me even come close to any of his other friends), so I thought, uh oh, this guy is going to be interesting if my BROTHER wants me to meet him! Turned out, he was and the rest is history! I am advising my oldest sons to do some searching for his sisters spouses someday! Hoping he will have some good insight that maybe old mom and dad could use! It worked for me! :)

Robin said...

I love reading about you,Heather!!! Wonderful story about you and your hubby!

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

I could almost insert my name into every one of your comments...

Persuaded said...

I also have a weakness for chocolate, although I'm afraid I don't limit myself to just the dark variety;) And I also indulge after the children are in bed... I have been known to hide Godiva chocolates behind the container of lentils in the back of the pantry.

Hey, chocolate can be very harmful to children's teeth!

I don't hide the chocolate out of selfishness, you understand... I only have my children's good health and welfare in mind, of course;)


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