Monday, January 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

These cold, winter days can give us cabin fever.  And from the actions and activity of my my kids, we have it!  Here are some things I do to release some of their bundled up energy:

  • play indoor games such as Simon Says, Bible Questions Game while they raise their hand when they have the answer, indoor basketball with a nerf ball and bucket, indoor obstacle course, etc.
  • play library by setting up our books in rows and giving them a "library" card and a toy cash register for the scanner and then sit and read books with them
  • play store and restaurant and have hot chocolate and cookies that we bought at the "store" and eat at the restaurant after we play
  • watch home movies!  This is great for all ages!  Watching them laugh and talk about all the memories is priceless
  • jump on my daughter's exercise trampoline or do exercise video WITH them
  • dance to THEIR music and play follow the leader
  • SIT and cut paper!  This is great for my 3, 5, and 6 year old since scissors are usually a no-no!
  • bake something yummy and easy
  • clean!  No joke!  They love to spray baseboards and wipe them even with just water!!  Dining room chairs too!
  • take a bath and just play
  • make invitaions, dress up, and have a tea-party with real food (boys love this too!)  This is a great way to also teach table manners!
  • when all else fails, bundle up and let them run around outside for a short time!  :)  I have done this the past week even though the temps have been cold!  It does wonders for their energy levels. 
We are going to be able to get out this week because the temps are going to warm up.  But we have fun doing calm indoor things also!  Sometimes it takes a little more work and creativity, but it is well worth it!

PS  I have taken up a new little adventure and will be having a giveaway.  You will soon find out what that is!  It has to do with babies!  (I know, imagine that!)  So if you like baby things and want something for free, stay tuned for tomorrow's post and get a chance to win something really adorable for your little one or a little one you know!


Annika said...

We we many of the same things :)Baths are another great time consumer! You can have your kids use goggles and 'scuba dive' for pennies, trinket toys... Hope you are all doing well! Can't wait for tomorrow. Funny thing, I've been wanting to call and tell you you should sell your handmade items!

Shelly said...

Those are super ideas, I especially like the play library one! I agree with Annika on the bath to use some time, too! That's also a great time to read to your "captive audience" Bible stories or such...


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