Wednesday, February 3, 2010


How many times I have I said the word's DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING to my kids when walking into a store filled with breakables! Usually I don't even dare take them in because even if they listen and obey, accidents can and do happen! Well, today I should have been the one to tell myself, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!

My girls and I went to the mall for a short time and decided to checkout the book and bible store.  I reluctantly agreed even though our time was short.  Books got looked at but nothing purchased.  (If you know me or have read my blog for any amount of time, that is a milestone!)  I was so proud of myself and patting myself on the back...UNTIL....

I stopped at a pretty little glass shelf with the most adorable ceramic mug on it.  It was the cutest thing!  It had a little spoon that fit right INTO the handle so you could just place it back after you were done stirring!  So inventive and handy, kind-of!  I soon decided that was the DUMBEST idea ever!  Without even seeing what was written on the adorable, (*ahem* cough, cough,) mug, I picked it up, turned it upside down to see the price that was so unintelligently intelligently stuck to the BOTTOM of the mug!  Well, that would be great IF the spoon had been somehow taped or temporarily held to the handle of the mug!  But nope, as I looked at the price sticker (which I might add was rediculously high), the spoon went slidding out and fell onto the glass shelf and yep, you guessed it, broke!  Did I have the thought of pretending nothing happened and quickly fleeing the scene?  Me, NEVER!  (okay, maybe for a split minute second)  My girls said (rather loudly from my perspective), "Mom, did you break it?  MOM YOU DID BREAK IT!"  So, I picked up the pieces to the spoon and looked at the mugs caption for the first time that just happened to say, "Sisters, God chose us as sisters, we chose to be friends!"   Very sweet, IF you have a sister! 

So knowing that I would be full willing to pay for the item but hoping in the back of my mind that they would be so thankful I was honest and tell me they have insurance for accidents like this and let me on my way,
I walked up to the counter and showed them the mug and told them I had accidently broke it.  I told her I would be willing to pay for it and that I was sorry.  She begins to wrap it it some tissue paper and another lady begins to ring it up on the cash register.  I was beginning to get the idea that they did not understand what happened.  I then said I did not want it, I had just needed to pay for it because I had broken it!  (Still hoping they would excuse it and tell me accidents happen!)  She said,"Oh you don't WANT it?!  Well do you want to give it a homeless shelter or something?  You know, since your paying for it and all?!"  You have to understand, at this point I was very frustrated with myself for even touching the silly adorable mug because I did not even want it!  And I was afraid that if I brought it home to use it for myself, that it may end up shattered on the wall.  (I really am kidding about that one!  I don't throw things when I am mad!)  Anyway, the LAST thing I wanted was to bring it home to remind me of having to pay for it!  She continued to tell me how she could not believe that I even considered bringing to to her!  (She did not know that she was talking to a lady that one time had noticed I underpaid $.06  at Wal-mart and drove all the way back to pay them!  That was just how my mom raised me!  Just think if everyone that walked into Wal-mart did that for just one day!  Thank how much money $.06 would be over and over! )

I must admit, I was not happy about paying for the mug!  Little did I know how God would use this for HIS glory!  My daughter decided she wanted the mug so I told her that was fine and she went back to get it.  I went to get the car.  Picked up my daughter and she began to tell me what the lady said to her.  "You have a very special mom and please remember what she did today!  There are not that many honest people left in this world!  Go give her a hug and tell her thank you!" 

Now, I don't say that to brag about myself because I think anyone would do what I did! I just hope that people are that way!  I did nothing that God would be impressed with!  But, if my girls remember this someday when they are making a decision between what is easier and what is right,  maybe God will bring this to their minds and heart!  How cool is that!  And as for the ladies at the store, I don't know, but it was very surprising to me at a CHRISTIAN book and bible store, they were surprised that I would even think of telling them that I had broken it!  Maybe, just maybe God used this for them today also!  I am so in awe of how much my flesh wants to rule!  But I am so glad that I am a child of the Most High and He used little old me today, to teach my children!  We must obey Him and His word!  As we always tell our children, "obey your mother and your father... and it will go well with you!"  That also goes for us obeying God!  When we obey, it WILL go well with us!  (Even if I do have to stare at an ugly adorable ceramic mug in my kitchen cabinet!)


Shelly said...

GOOD for you! AND...I would have felt the same way and done the same thing...what a great example for your daughters! :-)

Julia said...

Pat on the bag for you, you sure deserve that hug from your daughter. A shining example for all xx

Robin said...

Heather, that was neat to read. Your actions do bring glory to God and set a wonderful example for your children.


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