Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dying to self...

Dying to self is:
  • hard
  • a contstant struggle
  • a battle
  • uncommon to the world
  • pleasing to God
  • asked of us by God
  • led by example from Jesus to the point of His death
  • possible
  • a command
  • profitable to us spiritually
  • usable because God can replace the "Him" mentality with the "me" mentality :)
  • neccesary
  • essential when following Christ
The more of Him we have in us, the better equipt we are to see things the way Christ does.  If we are in the way, He cannot do the things HE desires to do effectively in our life.  If attempting to do things in our own strength, we are just setting ourselves up for failure.  Only in Him and through Him, are we able to give up self and have the ability to replace all that we are not with all that He is

Today Jesus, I pray that every inch that I have will be willingly submitted to You and your plan for my life.  The more I seek You, may I find You that much more.  The more I find You, the more I love You!!  Help me to give everything up for You no matter what I "feel"!  Thank you for the true Joy only you can give!

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Shelly said...

I like the "uncommon to the world" often we hear "when's the last time you did something for yourself?" or "just go treat yourself, you deserve it"! There is a fine line between self indulgence and self-preservation, and the world walks on the wrong side of it!


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