Friday, February 26, 2010

Foto Friday

Sometimes in the busyness of life,
I don't appreciate the simple joys of motherhood
 and the reasons why I have the greatest job in the world are overlooked.

::adorable smiles
::sweet soft kisses
::the touch of a little tiny hand
::the smell of a baby's head
::a hug from a tall teen-ager
::a simple "thank you, mom"
::pitter patter of little feet
::a heartfelt child's prayer
::a little body sitting on my lap with all kinds of questions
::the thought from a little mind, that I do have all the answsers
::little leg creases (not on me!) :)
::chunky tiny fingers
::belly laughs
::a hug around the neck
::pure, genuine, unconditional love

And the realization that,
I am going to miss this! 

Appreciate today,
the little things!

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Nic said...

I totally agree. I think we get caught up in the day to day and it's easy to miss the little things! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture...
Looking forward to meeting you in August! :D ♥


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