Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

The joy you bring into this home is amazing!

::have shown us see how funny it can be hearing somebody learn to communicate with 12 other people!
::proved an 18 month old CAN learn 12 other peoples names and speak them fluently!
::show us how innocent an 18 month seems, but how that mysteriously changes by the age of 2!
::when asked what you are doing, you reply with "Nuffing!"
::everything you say has an 'e' at the end- car'e, gum'e, bed'e
::can be giving kisses one minute and then sit in a sulk the next
::still NEED 2 naps a day
::love any fruit
::learned to eat with a spoon and fork at 13 months
::did not sleep through the night until you were 14 months when you were staying at grandma's
::ever since then, you sleep from 7 pm - 7am every night
::RUN to daddy when he gets home
::will do ANYTHING for somebody to play ball with you 
::OR ANTHING for a jellybean
::learned how to copy what seven 7 boys do WAY to fast! (Good AND bad!)
::are attached to your blanket at nap and bed time
::love kittens (the love IS NOT mutual)
::say "no" for yes
::chew gum and make us laugh because you look like a cow chewing your cud
::are jealous when your big brother holds the baby
::love baths but hate swimming
::would be outside 24 hours a day if we let you
::are the RUNT of your siblings weighing in only 3 pounds more than your 8 month old baby brother!

And you have...

wrapped us ALL around you little finger,
made us smile more,
 laugh more!

What a beautiful 2 years this has been!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY our big 2 year old!!

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Shelly said...

Oh my goodness, he is adorable! It was always bittersweet for me when my babies turned two...

Robin said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy!!! I can't believe Anna will turn 2 this year, it is such a milestone. He is so cute!!


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