Monday, March 29, 2010

Muddled Monday

Lately my mind has been muddled with all kinds of thoughts.  Here are some of them:

::life is not always predictable

::the things you used to take for granted, can suddenly become things you appreciate so much when your heart has been broken

::kids can make you think of little things from a whole different perspective

::kids can make you cry and laugh all within 60 seconds or less

::teens can do the same thing! (maybe more crying)  :)

::some of my worst shortcomings, are revealed to me through my children

::children help me see daily what it means to have "child" like faith

::I long to have that kind of faith daily

::the 'share your heart' kind of friend is rare and precious

::God knows when you will need one

::when you have that kind of friend, hang on to them

::God does answer prayer

::sometimes he answers it in a different way than we pray, but HIS way is best

::for that I am thankful!

::sometimes the days are long

::but the years ALWAYS go by fast!

::being content is essential in a world that longs to feed 'self''

::feeding self, never satisfies

::when focused on self, it will always bring discontentment

::it is miserable to live always wanting more and more and more...

::unless it is wanting more of God!

::then and only then, will you find all that you truly need!

::there is freedom when you appreciate what you have

::I pray my kids see Jesus in me, and when they don't, I hope I have taught them to forgive and not judge others

::I hope I remember that when THEY fall short and they will know Jesus love and acceptance because of MY example

::I need God's grace and mercy on an hourly basis as I journey down this path of being a wife and mother

::I am so thankful I have been given this privilege

::God is good and good to me

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