Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I am not...

~ I am not always easy-going, in fact I need to loosen up sometimes

~ I am not easily swayed when I have my mind made up

~ I am not used to the surprises 8 boys bring into my life even after 16 years of having my first son and sometimes they down right scare me!

~ I am not a summer person

~I am not ready for my oldest to get his driver's license THIS WEEK!

~I am not a person who likes change

~ I am not liking the way the Land of the Home and The Free is getting not so FREE anymore and it worries me!

~ I am not a breakfast eater

~ I am not a good debater

~ I am not a complainer

~ I am NOT pregnant again! (yet)

~ I am not as submissive as I desire to be

~ I am not able to just let things go if I think I am right

~I am not always stubborn, just the times when I know I am wrong and still try to convince somebody I am right

~I am not proud of that!

~ I am not always patient and with 11 children, my patience is tested moment by moment and it is a battle for me!

~ I am not proud of that either!!

~ I am not always sure of my parenting ablilities and have lots of regret already

~ I am not always able to keep my mouth shut when I should!

~I am not self-less all the time, in fact, I can be very selfish more often than not

What I AM:

Although some things I mentioned are not a big deal and some are life altering,  I AM a child of God and all the things that I am not, HE IS (okay, He is not pregnant, but He is the giver of life!  :) 
 So I will continue to look to Him for all that I need and let HIM do the rest!  It really does not matter what I am not as long as I focus on who HE IS!

Someday, when this journey on earth is over, I will look Him in the face and He will hopefully say to me, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" 

I am not deserving of that...


I AM thankful for His grace!



Annika said...

We are all 'not' a lot of things, huh. But we can rest in the fact that we are His!

Simone said...

Praying for healing and good health
Understand the feeling of being sick on a mission trip with out your mom :(
(just not in near as far as Africa)


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