Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For the first time in years, my husband and I have had the chance to take a little vacation!  I have done more in 5 days, then I have done in 10 years!  Kiddo's are split up at grandparents house and we are...

First thing we did was go to my class reunion, then it was off to see my dad in Chicago.  (I had not seen him for 11 years!)

We went on his boat on Lake Michigan and had an INCREDIBLE time!  Next, we left for my childhood friends house in the MIDDLE of good old Chi-town!  Had dinner on the beach and got a tour of the big city!  (Glad I was not driving!)

We arrived at our hotel in Milwaukee at 1:30 in the morning!  Not used to those hours but all I had to do that day was relax anyway so it made no difference!  (Strange feeling!)

We have shopped, gone sight seeing, and introduced our taste buds to some unusual foods.

2 more days left and it looks like we will be going to a Brewers baseball game and dinner on the Lake tonight.

I am having an identity crisis having to take care of nobody but myself and my hubby!  I am ready to see my babies but they seem to be doing fine without me!  And I thought they would be so miserable! HA! 

Here are some pics of our first experience of the trip "flying by the seat of our pants".  We passed a miniature golf course and decided to just stop and play a couple rounds!  We actually had to turn around and go back because we forgot we did not have anything else to do or naps to worry about!  It was so fun!

Hubby tee's off

sporting our favorite colors with our golf balls
Off on a boat ride and a day on Lake Michigan
Best place to grab a Wisconsin Brat!

More pics to post later, I am off to the pool to read a good book! :)


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Shelly said...

How wonderful for you! I feel the same way about the identity crisis when we get away without the kids. It's like I left an arm or leg at home! Enjoy your time! It's making you a better mommy to spend time working on your marriage! :-)


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