Thursday, July 8, 2010


Is summer busier for me than any other season? 

Well, not really unless I choose it to be.  And if it is 'busy' it is because I want it to be!  But there are a few things that I let go of just so we can have less "have to's".  I don't take summer's off for school.  We do it all year round, but I DO find other things that I can't do in the winter.  Hikes, picnics, trips to the amish community, treasure/scavenger hunts, walks, and of course, swimming at grandma's!  These are all things I use to 'teach'.  Sometimes, it is just teaching social graces and other times they are used for valuable science lessons!  If you have read my blog long enough, you know that sitting at a table or desk for school is not my style!  All my kids who are old enough, read, write, and know math!  My oldest surpass all the life skills they need at 16 and 15!  (Not saying that to brag, just a point I want to make).  Teaching them to how to live in this world is far more important, than any knowledge a school book can give!  (Although there is a small place for that too).  Discovering all of God's creation and looking at it with their siblings is a great learning experience!  (Believe me, boys can think of all kinds of things to with rocks, sticks, and some rope!)  And what one does not think of, the other one will! ;0

I choose, not to get uptight about things that need to be done in the summer.  God is teaching me to take one moment at a time.  If that means less blogging, which it has, then I will blog when I feel like it or have time!  Bedtimes not quite so prompt, nap times sometimes just go out the window.  MORE time with family and savoring my children at each stage becomes my priority.  My oldest just got his driver's license this week, and not so long ago, I thought that would NEVER happen, surely the rapture would come before that!  (and I still wish that were the case!  :)  I know there were summer's that I did not apprectiate his carefree day's of just being with mom and no where he HAD to go!  Now, he is away working many days and I am trying to learn from that and apprecitate all the "flowers" (weeds) topped off with a kiss, brought to me by my little ones.  The joy of just going to the park to slide and swing, the excitement a caterpillar can bring and the amazement a slimy frog jumping in the grass brings! 

So, am I busy this summer?  Well, I guess.  But I am hoping I am just as 'busy' this fall realizing how wonderful it is to have kids and how to not take any simple moment for granted!  All to soon, they grow up and then I will hopefully teach them how to enjoy every moment of their 'business'. 

I would not have it any other way!  May I always be BUSY!



Shelly said...

A kid with a license! Yikes! I have a couple close friends who have older kids (one has a 12 yr old boy and one has a 13 yr old girl) and I'm loving watching them "go first", so to speak, and asking them questions about how it all works!!! AND, I like what you said about life skills and just the three R's being the most important! After our first year of homeschooling, my husband and I are gradually working closer towards "unschooling" ourselves (since we both went to traditional school) and learning what the real purposes of bringing the children home are!

Anonymous said...

thanks. i like it!>▽<..................................................................


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