Monday, August 9, 2010

Made to Love Him

My oldest daughter and I took a quick trip last week to see a play with my mom and brother. While on the way there, we were playing a cd in the car and one of the songs was talking about how we were made to love God. That is why we were created! It really hit me! I looked at my daughter and asked if she truly knew that our purpose for being created was to LOVE God! WOW!   Have I portrayed that to my children? 

We began to chat and discovered how far we are from that idea! The entire "world" is living for themselves not for HIM! Just watch tv for a short time, go to any mall, visit a book store, or as for me, think how much time I spend worrying about things that really don't matter! We are saturated with the idea of self! Think about it!  Do we live thinking and remembering that we were created because He wants us to love Him?

I am not saying we just lay down on the floor do nothing! We are not supposed to stop everything and just love without action! My life is about my family and raising little soldiers for His army! Everything I do is to be centered on loving Him in my daily life! Doing 6 loads of laundry, 3 meals a day, cleaning up everything a body can expel, wiping noses, running errands, etc. That is all to be done because I want to serve Him and show Him I love Him! There are times more often than not, I look at my jobs as repetative and mundane. In fact if I am not careful, I can get into a rut and wonder if it will ever end or if I will EVER get to be ALONE! Even if it is just to go to the bathroom for 30 seconds without little fingers wiggling under the door whispering, "mommmmy, are you almost done yet? I miss you!"

Jesus walked on this earth without ever thinking of Himself! He was fully human and also brought to this earth to love and serve God! We are to be like Him! His life was not His own. (He did not even have His own living room to worship and pray in every morning!)  Our life is not to be our own either! From the time I get up in the morning until I lay my head on my pillow each night, I have 13 people I am responsible for!   (I am reminded of that quickly after I put my feet on the floor! Sometimes I don't even get that far!) I can look at it as a burden or I look to Him to give me the grace and perserverance to do the jobs He has given me and do it with love unto Him! I am just sure that those times I want to be selfish and throw in the towel, are the times when I need more of Him, which I am also reminded I need Him hourly!! So I must remind myself of the reason I was created! TO LOVE HIM! That is what I am to do with all that He gives me. Show Him by dying to myself that I am crusified with Christ, not I but He who lives within me!   This is a song that always brings me back to what my life is to be about and reminds me where my strength come from!  Hope it blesses you also!


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