Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day thoughts

Cool ~ rainy ~ sunshine ~ still doing school ~ dad is home ~ making cookies (200 to be exact) ~ no joke! ~ lots harder than I thought ~ kids love cookie dough ~ so does mom ~ grilling out for dinner ~ grilled chicken is my favorite ~ homemade french fries are too ~ taking a trip to an old railroad bridge with the family later today ~ my house is a mess ~ don't care ~ okay, really I do care ~ not going to do anything about it now ~ I have sugar and flour all over me ~ don't care about that either ~ really I don't! ~ I want another baby ~ really I do! ~ feeling like I need a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to blow over me ~ maybe that was my problem last week? ~ I am ready for fall ~ can't wait to make apple pie ~ already have Christmas presents bought ~ lots more to buy however ~ glad we only give each of our kids 3 gifts for Christmas ~ I love holidays ~ I don't like to "labor" on Labor Day ~ going to go take a nap!


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