Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday

definition of manic:
~affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason: synonyms; unbalanced,frenzied

"Just another manic Monday. Wish it were Sunday, that's my fun-day.  My,  I don't have to run-day, it's just another manic Monday!"

I think that was sung by Belinda Carlisle when I was young.  I never really fully understood the words until I became a mom! 

I always have these great plans for the weekend and then the weekend comes and...the last thing I feel like doing is the "great" plans I had planned!  I'm not sure if it's because my husband is home for 2 whole days so my frame of mind changes or I just get lazy, but for whatever reason, my Monday mornings always are WAY to manic!  This weekend was no exception plus add in the factor that I have been sick for 3 weeks!  I finally went to the ER last night and found out I have bronchitis.  So, my Monday has been even more manic than normal!  Good news is, my cough is already a touch better so I am on the mend, however, I have so many things I need to do and just don't have the energy.  Which leads me to the joys and ONE of the reasons we homeschool!  FLEXIBILITY!  Our school for today?  To accomplish all the things we did not complete over the weekend!  Otherwise my entire week would continue to be manic! Now, after the work is done, they can play outside and then afternoon naps for the little ones (maybe mom too) and games for the big kids. 

I am a person that does not like spur of the moment change!  I have my plans and that is how I fly!  But God is showing me that MY plans are not always best and if I check with Him first, I may not always feel like Mondays are so manic!  I am learning to go with the flow and beginning to realize that if my house does not get clean when I want it clean or somebody calls for the family to come over and play (which did happen this weekend) I can just toss my hands up in the air and remember everything will be there when we get home!  It's not everyday, a family of 13 gets invited to someones house!  Those are things that matter!  A messy house will get messy again but friendships need to be cherished and built moment by moment!

My manic thoughts are still there of all the things I need to do, but what I do with those thoughts is up to me!  I can let them control me or I can give them to God.  So instead of feeling frenzied and unbalanced, I can feel peace and give all that I have to Him!

Going to work on this and hoping that this will be the last MANIC MONDAY I have for a while!  On to a melancholy Monday afternoon and a TERRIFIC Tuesday! :)


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