Monday, September 20, 2010

Out of MY mouth!

I know being a mother brings about many things that you thought you would NEVER say or ever thought you would NEED to say.  Being a mother of 8 boys, 7 of them 9 years old and younger, I have stayed awake at night thinking about the shocking things I have said during the day!  Here are a few:

  • Why did you put play-dough down your brother's pants?
  • Is that potty or water in your dump truck?
  • Where did  that screw come from and why are you holding that screw-driver?
  • NO, you cannot eat that cookie covered in dust and whatever else that is!
  • I suppose you can just tear off the green stuff on the corner of your sandwich and eat the rest! But I would make another one if I were you.
  • The ceiling fan IS NOT to throw socks at!  OR balls!
  • Why is there dirty toilet paper in your bed?
  • Don't tie your brother up to the doorknob!
  • No, the dog does not eat fish, that is just what her breath smells like.
  • I don't know why the garbage man pulled up his shirt and shook his belly while you were looking out the window at him, but you can't do that! (That really DID happen!  And I would have called the company because I was appalled however, my husband laughed so hard after hearing about it and told me to lighten up.  Still not sure about that one!) :)
  • It is not right to stick your toes in your brother's mouth!
  • You have cleaned off 3 of your brother's plates, I think you have had enough!
  • Honey,  that is not water coming out from that cow's tail.
  • You can't wear your mud boots and shorts when we go to the store.
  • We don't potty at the park by the slide!
  • Yes, I heard that one and yes it does smell really bad!  No, I'm not proud of you!
  • Get that snake out of grandma's house!
  • No, I really don't want to see the dead, bloody, deer that you shot hanging in grandpa's garage.
  • If your dad weren't home on weekend's and mess up all the manner's I have been teaching you during the week, maybe we could accomplish something!  (Said in a loving tone of course!)
  • Why is the remote outside under the grill?
  • You CANNOT put water in the gas tank of the lawn mower EVER again.
  • Don't tear off the legs of bugs!  That is not nice!  It can still walk without it's legs?  Are you sure?
  • Next time, you don't need to use the WHOLE bottle of shampoo for your hair!
  • You can't play slip and slide in the tub!  You might hit your head!
  • It's kind of like diapers for mommies.  No you can't try it on and please don't stick them to the wall again!  They cost lots of money!
  • It's NOT okay to EVER eat something that your brother asks you to close your eyes and open your mouth for!
  • Yes, that is the noodles that you had for dinner that came out of your tummy into the toilet.  I know it doesn't taste as good as it did when you ate it earlier.  No, you don't ever have to eat it again!
I must just laugh because if I didn't I would have to sit down and cry at all the things my boys come up with!  I love being a mom!  But I wonder what I will say in the coming years if these things have come out of my mouth in the past few days!!  SCARY!


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Shelly said...

Oh Heather! I am laughing sooo hard right now! I'm sure I sound just as funny...I'll have to pay closer attention!


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