Tuesday, October 19, 2010


::beautiful cool weather::
::terrible hip pain::
::I miss my grandma
::oldest turns 17 today::
::what happened to the last 17 years?::
::husband still no job::
::I actually do love him being home all the time::
::no income for 4 weeks now::
::thankful we had a productive garage sale last weekend to buy groceries::
::God will sustain us::
::wondering what will happen to our lives in the next month::
::9dozen farm fresh eggs in my fridge::
::I don't even like eggs::
::woke up to the smell of 13 year old making eggs and toast::
::12 other people in my home like them::
::almost done with a book I have been reading for 2 months::
::it used to take me a day to read a book::
::heard baby in the womb heartbeat yesterday::
::wish I could record it to fall asleep with::
::I like being on a schedule::
::finally able to do that this week::
::tired of being sick to my stomach 24 hours a day::
::can't even drink coffee anymore::
::oh well::
::have to get winter clothes switched out::
::I DREAD that job::
::my kids wore shorts yesterday and it was only 55 out::
::they did not even care::
::I did::
::house is WAY to messy::
::to nice outside to care::
::going to make homemade pizza tonight::
::having company over::
::I guess I better care that my house is messy::
::need to get busy with my "scheduled" day::


1 comment:

Shelly said...

I dread switching clothes out, too! Glad to see you all are hanging in there...


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