Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I think it is so fun to peek inside someone's heart.  The best way to do that, is to chat and get to know them better and better.  How can you do that in cyber-space?  Well, I thought maybe I would share a little bit of my heart with you by sharing some of my favorite things that I have in my home. These are dear to my heart and I although I can't sit down and chat with most of you, hopefully a peek into my world will allow you to get to know me a little bit more because I am just nice like that! :)
 This angel sat on my grandmother's bed for years, now it sits on mine.  Every morning I think of her when I start my day!  I hit the hay pretty early each night and my bed is my sanctuary that I look forward to heading to each night to wind down and thank God for His provision
When I got this bedspread (at a garage sale I might add) which is my FAVORITE find as a garage sale novice,  I put it on my bed, my 4 year old came in and told me my room looked like a hotel!  HA!
 My first favorite book, is my bible!  The book on the top is one I could read over and over and over... and the lamp, candle and container full of pens (to take notes as I read my bible and book), sets the mood for me each night as I relax before I fall asleep.  (How long I sleep is always a guessing game!)
 This is my red robe that I slip into each evening and in the morning before I shower
(I have been known to get my jammies on as early as 4:00 in the afternoon!)  SHHH, don't tell anyone!
 I am the type that likes one kind of perfume that I wear everyday, for the past 2 years, this is it! (Good thing Christmas is coming!  Looks like I might need a refill soon!)

 My favorite symbol as my God-given role as a mother
I always wanted many children!  I can honestly say 12 was NEVER even a thought! 

  a shelf with a picture of my precious grandma and youngest of the family
(Oh and also the shelf that the cat likes to try and crawl under and knock over!)
I used to collect miniature tea sets.  At one point I had over 50 of them and then the shelf that I had them on, came crashing down to the floor from the wall and broke most of them.  So I put the ones I could salvage, on this shelf.  As you can see, NONE are left thanks to the cat!
 This WILL be the last indoor cat we have!

I have not let bitterness overtake me though! :)

Where I like to sit with a good book when the temps are warm.  The screened in porch this chair is on, was one of the things that helped me fall in love with my home when we were looking!

 These are the dishes that my mother-in-law got when her and my husband's dad were married (He died when she was 5 months pregnant with my husband) My husband never got to meet his dad, but someday he will!  (Maybe he is holding the 4 grandchildren that I have miscarried!)
AND my favorite color is the wall paint in the back ground!  GREEN!
The symbol of my role as a help-meet to my husband and the ring that my grandmother wore for over 70 years and showed her dedication to be a Godly wife to my grandfather
The diamond was replaced by a ruby years ago because we were so poor a couple years after we got married that my husband had to sell ALL of his baseball cards (hundreds) to pay rent.  So, I felt I needed to give something and all I had was the diamond in my ring.  I made the choice to replace the diamond with the color of the blood of Jesus gem because I knew Jesus was going to take care of us our entire lives!  He has proved that to be true!  (At the time we had 2 kids, and there are 4 diamonds in the ring also.  I always thought of that as a symbol of my husband, myself, and the 2 kids with Jesus in the middle.) 
I have NEVER regretted it, by the way!

And my most PRIZED possesions...
If you will take a look just to the left of my posts and scroll down, you will see some pics of my hubby and kids.  Those "favorite things" I get to take to heaven with me!  Now, that is the core of my heart and where my treasure truly is!

Let me know something special about you so I can get to know you a touch better!  Now that would be fun!

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Robin said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, it is fun to get to know you better.


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