Monday, November 15, 2010

If you came to my house...

We just had family visit for the weekend and it always amazes me how little I notice things in our home when "outsiders" are not around OR maybe it's when "outsiders" are around, I notice just how much we have going on in our busy home!  What ever the case, here are some things you may encounter if you take the brave attempt to visit us!  Be afraid, VERY afriad!
  • you will not go hungry!
  • don't worry about cleaning up after meal times! We don't let our guests help with that, we want you to enjoy your time at our home. HOWEVER, it may be a good excuse to visit with the ladies of the home!
  • more than likely, your plate and cup won't match your neighbors unless you want to eat off of a seperated plastic plate and drink from a sippee cup! 
  • Don't look for a beautifully set table but you will find lots of beautiful little faces!
  • be prepared to have LOTS of conversations and answer LOTS of questions!  Some more than once!
  • get your game face ready!  We love to play all kinds of games!
  • hope you don't mind changing a diaper or two
  • your lap will be climbed on and your cheek will be kissed
  • if you need to use the bathroom, you might want to check with us first!  We are still learning how to flush after we use the toilet! AND how to replace the empty toilet paper roll! 
  • no fancy towels and you might have to search for the soap in the shower somewhere when you wash your hands
  • go to the bathroom with out interuptions? Doubtful!
  • hope you like to read books and build with lego's!
  • if you decide to stay overnight, you will have your bed warmed up with a heated mattress pad, but please bring your own pillow! Never sure if there will be extra's!
  • can't promise you won't find a hotwheel, or some other toy when you you crawl into bed! Hopefully it will be not be something slimy and alive! (Can't promise that however!)
  • hope you don't like to sleep in!
  • don't worry though, we go to bed early, so getting up usually is not a problem!
  • if it is, don't worry, the troops will be in plenty early to wake you up!
  • hope you don't like getting dressed alone!
  • we do make sure the shower curtain stays closed at all times, so you should be safe there!
  • quiet, peaceful mornings? NEVER!
  • lots of fun conversation? ALWAYS!
  • breakfast is at 7 am, otherwise you may not eat simply because your portion may get ate!
  • if you decide to look out the window at the beautiful sunrise, it may look clouded because of all the fingerprints
  • get your bible out at 9am for bible time and make sure your singing voice is ready!
  • please bring your wisdom to help with questions about science, math, english, etc...
  • beware for balls being thrown in the house now that dad is home, get ready to duck!
  • if you don't like watching kids wrestle, you may want to reconsider the room you are in when the kids are around!
  • willing to fold laundry?
  • what about running a washing machine?
  • any objections to washing kids?
  • bring your play clothes! You WILL be asked to go out and play!
  • be prepared to hear lots of bodily sounds coming from little ones! (we are working on that one also!)
  • you will find yourself amazed of the things you hear coming from a mother's mouth! I am still amazed!
  • don't worry about bringing anything to do! YOU WILL NOT BE BORED!
  • you will be LOVED! (whether you want to be or not!)
  • more than likely, on your way home, your ears will hurt because of the quietness in your car!
  • hopefully you will want to come back for more!


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Shelly said...

Sounds nice! I'd love to come visit!!*grin*


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