Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for potty-trained 2 year olds!

We have been doing this in our home this week...

It has been a family affair!
 It is nice to have an entire cheering squad of 12 when you trying to accomplish something as great as this
at the age of 2!

It has been 5 days and he has total control of his bladder already!
Even dry after 2 naps
AND drumroll please...
...woke up DRY this morning and ran downstairs straight to his plastic throne,
and filled it half way!
(okay, WAY to much info, but this mom cannot contain her excitement!)

I have NEVER had potty-training happen this quick in my life as a mother!
I really cannot take the credit,
He really did it himself with his GREAT support system of brother's and sister's
cheering him on!
for this I am thankful! :)

I really am so thankful for WAY  many more things,
 but this post just does not have enough room to fill all the blessings I am have been given!

Have a beautiful day tomorrow and weekend with the people you love!

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