Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking of...

///how cold it is out
///walking on snow and ice is really hard when you can't see your feet under your belly
///sledding with the kids
///I guess I better not
/// how I can be so completely exhausted and have 2 months left of pregnancy!
///seeing this little ones face
///what I need to do to get ready for her
///how it never loses it's excitement even when it's number 12
///what will she do with 8 brothers!
///what will they do with her!
///what will they do about my high blood sugar levels since I don't eat anything sweet anyway
///why I continue to lose weight but the baby is gaining
///that it is good knowing she is doing well
///how I will rearrange school when the baby comes
///where all the missing socks go
///how I start out with a whole bag of new socks and a week later they are all missing
///how thankful I am for healthy kids
///when I go over Proverbs with my children, I realize just how much I need more wisdom!
///what the next 2 months will bring
///how I will not get overwhelmed with all the possible changes
///how hard it is to be misunderstood by family
///how living for Christ can lead to persecution from others
///my dear, wise husband and how hard it must be to take care of 13 people
///my parents visiting us Saturday
///how great it is having parents that love us unconditionally even as adults
///how wise they really are
///going out to lunch with 2 wonderful, Godly friends
///what a privilege that is
///being thankful
///the grace my Heavenly Father gives me daily


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