Monday, February 21, 2011

Your resource or SOURCE

I grew up with scripture.
Singing songs with scripture, memorizing scripture and watched my parents use scripture as
their basis for living.
I have been convicted recently on how I use the Word of God in my life.  Do I use it as my SOURCE for everything or is it just a resource I use when I feel like I need it?  Something I turn to when I feel I need something.  I am sad to admit, that WAY to many times, I use God and His Word as a RESOURCE as you would a dictionary or an encyclopedia.  This is not the plan God has for us! 

If you take a plant out of it's soil and would set it on the concrete or your carpet, what would happen to the plant?  What if you would just sprinkle some soil and water on it every once in a while?  Would the outcome be different because you added a little bit of what it needed on the top?  No, it's roots need to be saturated in it's source of life for it to grow and be sustained. 

Now, what happens when we don't saturate our "roots" in our source of life, Jesus.  What if we just sprinkle a touch of His Word in our lives here and there out of desperation instead of "planting" our very being in the rich soil of His Word and life constantly?  A sprinkle here and there will not sustain us.  Eventually the world will suck us dry and we will walk around with despair or at the very least, just plain emptiness.  How sold out should we be? The answer is TOTALLY surrendered in all that we say and do!  We should radiate His love without even saying a word just because we are planted so deep in His Word.  All that we say, do and the decisions we make should always be filtered through Him and His Word.

I have a LONG way to go in this area!  I think and notice just how much I have let the idea's of this world attack me and sometimes how little I look to my Source!  Before I know it, I am swept away feeling confused and full of fear!  I desire so much for Him to be my "soil" and my life sustainer.  As He takes me through this journey that started with conviction from the life of a plant, I hope to grow closer and closer to Him so that there is no separation between my thoughts and His thoughts.  I pray my roots are so planted in Him that I will know Him so well, my answers will come because I know His voice so well! 

My dear, sweet, Heavenly Father, I thank you so much that I have you as my Source of life!  Help me to not just take advantage of your love and your Word by using them as a "resource" in my life.  May I be deeply planted in wisdom and understanding that only you can give!  Keep me hidden in you and set me apart from the things of this world until I know nothing else but your voice and your ways!  May my children see that example in me and continue to serve you as their source of life as they grow.  Amen!


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Marmee's Pantry said...

Amen & AMEN! Thanks for the confirmation...I have been thinking similar thoughts, lately.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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