Monday, March 14, 2011

What's going on?

It's Monday and I am...
...realizing it really does not matter
...facing the fact that 7 boys under 10 yrs keeps me moving no matter what I feel like!
...looking forward to not having to put coats on everyone to go somewhere
...especially looking forward to not having to tell many kids to hang those coats up!
...finally figuring out my laundry folding NEVER ends!
...dreading putting it away because it is the worst chore
...trying to plan 2 weeks of meals for my older kids to do after the baby gets here
...wondering how I will shop for the ingredients without them getting ate before we need them
...trying to figure out with my husband the things we DO NOT want the hospital to do after the baby is born.  (ex- silver nitrate in the eyes, hep. B shot, cutting the cord to soon, etc...)
...trying to figure out where 11 kids will go for 2 days while I am in the hospital
...thinking maybe they can just be at home
...making sure their bags are packed if we send some of them to grandma's
...thinking I will pack mine in a couple of weeks
...reading a new book called 'Captivating' by Stasi Eldridge and cannot put it down once I start!
...sorting socks and wondering where in the world the matches go
...honored to have a mom that is also my friend
...blessed to have a husband who is my best friend
...realizing God keeps me humble by sending people unexpectedly to my home for a visit
...amazed at how much pride I have sometimes
...thankful for mercy and grace that my Father gives me numerous times a day!
...thinking we might do 2 more weeks of school and then take our break until after the baby comes
...amazed my oldest is almost done with homeschooling and going to graduate THIS year!
...having fun watching my children grow up and become independent
...feeling the sadness at how fast it goes, however
...feeling the hour less sleep from yesterday especially when I hardly sleep anyway!
...being taught to rest in Jesus!

I have cleared my mind now!  Wow, it feels better!  Now I am ready to face the week!  Bring it on!  But boy am I glad I don't have to face it alone!

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