Thursday, June 16, 2011


There is NO way around it!  We celebrate lots of birthday's during a year! 
I have lots of people ask how we afford it. 
 The parties, gifts, cakes, and more importantly how do we keep their day special! 
With 4 birthday's alone this month, I thought it would be good to share some idea's we do to keep birthday celebrations to a minimal cost but still keep our sweet blessings from God, feeling special!


  •  We don't have parties with their friends, just family members
  •  We have a special plate that ONLY the birthday child gets to use on their birthday
  •   I make cupcakes or a cake for them from scratch with them choosing which flavor they want
  •   I take them out for lunch ON thier special day to a fast food restaurant of their choosing and their buddy gets to come along
  •   They get one gift from us or $20 that they can go shopping with (They don't get much during the year from us except at garage sales or Christmas so $20 is a BIG deal!)
  •   They get to choose a meal of their choice for dinner with all the fixings and of course get to use their special plate
  •   Dad prays a blessing over them before their birthday meal  (They LOVE this time!)
  •   To start the day off in a great way!  My parents (their grandparents)  ALWAYS calls them first thing in the morning and sing Happy Birthday to them!  (You could use somebody else in your family or do it yourself using somebody elses phone)
  •  I don't always do this, but I have gotten balloons to set in their room when they wake up in the morning!  (I have to many young children at this time and balloons scare me because of choking on them!)
  •   I always write a love letter to them each year and save them in an envelope to give to them when they have their own baby! I always include the things they have done that year and the things that I love in them as I watch them grow.  ( I have not been able to give these to them yet but someday when I become a grandma!  :) 
I would LOVE to hear of some things you do to make your child's day EXTRA special!


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