Saturday, August 6, 2011

Africa update...kind of

They are not leaving until Wednesday.  I have been, shall we say very BUSY!   Our biggest challenge right now is packing a teenage girl for 6 weeks with ONE suitcase (that can only weigh 44lbs!)  and ONE carry on!  Oh MY!   I am going to update soon but first things first!  That would be getting them prepared to leave!  Please stay tuned!  I will have pics from the day of take-off and the rest of the story! 

Our baby is being dedicated tomorrow morning so we are busy with that also!   The last thing we will be doing as a family for 6 weeks!  When you homeschool, that is a rude awakening when you are used to being together, for the most part, 24/7!  Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for this new adventure in our lives!


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