Monday, August 15, 2011


I think of another little taste of how God feels when we come to Him first thing in the morning!  He waits for us and longs to hear from us!  I get up every morning and check my messages just to see if my kids have left somthing for me to read!  I long for it and smile and cry when it is there and I have  evidence that they are thinking of me!  It has been such a sweet discovery while missing my earthy children, how God has shown me His desire to be with me! 

Here is the latest from my kids: ( I do not include their names for privacy reasons)

Hi mom!!!! This is A...!! I'm having a great time! I LOVE Malawi!! I'm having so much fun, and experiencing soo much!! Today we went to an amazing church service. Probably the best I"ve ever been to in my life!! It was GREAT!! Last night I slept for about 6 hours, and it feels sooo good!! My allergies are bad here :P:P I'm so glad that we took the allergy medication for A......'s poison ivy, because it's really coming in handy!! Well I don't have any more time left on here, so here's A......!! I love you!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!! (my son): Im out of time :(:( its prepaid internet. I love you and miss you!!

It is such a JOY to hear from them!  They seem to be doing wonderful!  That does a mama's heart good!  I still have SO many questions for them!  I want to know what they are eating, where they are sleeping and what they are doing.  Maybe as my husband told me, it is better that their contact is limited because God can maybe accomplish more in their hearts if He is their main source of dependancy!  And maybe even better for me!  I have only had my faith in Jesus to take care of them and rest in His ability even when I don't have any facts.  To watch over them, feed them, protect them is HIS job!  I cannot, but He can!  I have realized He does a better job than I could ever do anyway!  So although I miss them terribly and everytime the phone rings, I am like a girl in love dashing to the phone just to hear their voices, usually to feel that pit in stomach sort of feel, when I find out it is not them calling!  It has been 5 days since I have heard their sweet voices!  I wonder how much longer it will be!  God knows and in His timing, they will call!  Until then, I will wait! And you can be sure you will know when that is!  You may even hear me answer the phone from where you live from all the excitement!  :) 

Remember~  Love your kids today, like they are leaving for Africa tomorrow!

More to come...


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