Monday, August 22, 2011

Pictures from Africa

I heard from the kids and even got pictures!  OH YEAH!  They are doing really well and they have already been changed in the past 10 days, from the inside out!!  I can't imagine what they will be like in 4 weeks!  They left me as teenagers and will come home adults!  They said they feel as if they are in a movie!  The surroundings are so "unreal" and the people are INCREDIBLE!!  The people in the villages have so much respect for "white man".  A reverence like they are king and queen or something of the kind!  My daughter cannot get over it.  She said it is very uncomfortable to be so honored just because of her skin color! 

She was preaching in one of villages over the weekend, and she tried to sit down on a rock and they would not let her!  They hurried over with a chair for her because they think of "white man" as such much higher than them and they cannot sit on the ground!!  She said it was so sad!  Her sermon was on being the same in God's eyes because He looks at the heart, not skin color or anything else we look at as humans.  The women of the villages are also treated so much more inferior.  Do you see how all the men are in front on chairs, and the women and babes are in the back on the floor?  It is so very poor there.  Most of the pastors do not even have bibles!  When she reads from her bible, they have a hunger in their eyes like she has never seen before!  They anticipate and savor every word she reads because they cling to every word from God because they can't read it for themselves!

This is a little girl named Naomi that got very attached to my daughter.  As she was holding her, the mother was scurrying around and the interpreter told her that she was feeling terrible because she was holding her little girl and she was not worthy to have a "white man" hold her child!  My daughter was so shocked at how they feel and was just heart-broke that they feel that way!  They need to know the love of Jesus and it would set them free! 

This was the village they were in over the weekend!  They said they hunger for God so much.  They don't desire money, or even heaven!  They only want to hear the Word of God and learn about Him.  The only blessing they seek is the Holy Spirit!  We in America just don't get it!  The comforts get in our way of true surrender and holiness! 

I am so blessed to have been able to talk to them today!  My son has come down with something and hoping it is not Malaria!  Right now, treating it as food poisoning but he came down with a fever now.  (That means another restless night of sleep for all of us!)  :(  Prayers for him would be appreciated!

 I will report back soon!

Remember~  Love your kids today, like you are sending them to Africa tomorrow!


Robin said...

Praying for your children!! What an amazing voyage!!!

blueschoolmomma said...

Oh no! I will be praying for that sickness!! I'm sure they knew ahead of time and brought appropriate meds? My friends who go to Brazil always take stuff with them...


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