Thursday, August 11, 2011

They are on a jet plane!

Well, the day finally came.  Yesterday, we said "good-bye" for 6 weeks to my oldest 2 kids.  They are now as I type this over the Atlantic Ocean.  I was very strong when we left them at the security gate.  (Thankful for that!)  But once we got to the car and it was empty, the tears started flowing...and flowing...and flowing.  I really cannot explain how I was feeling.  I cried the ENTIRE way home from Chicago!  It was like the reverse of being homesick.  I can honestly say, that it has been the hardest thing I have EVER had to do in my life!  I was beginning to feel better and kept asking God over and over.  "God, please give me peace, PLEASE give me peace, because I am not feeling it right now!"  I got on my phone a few minutes later and the family they will be staying with, messaged me and said he was excited for their arrival.  That helped me so much!  Just knowing that he was looking for them.  God knew exactly how to calm me!

My spirit understands that they are going to be doing God's work and bring other's the light of Him, but right now, my heart aches with an intensity that is so foreign to me!  I just want one more glance and one more hug.  However, I know that even with one more, it would never be enough! 

My daughter and I had an INCREDIBLE talk the night before they left and stayed up talking, crying, and praying.  We told each other of our regrets, God's provision in our lives, and then our fears.  We shared scripture with each other and just took it all in!  It was beautiful!  We gave each other our word that when she returned, we would continue to do that!  We waste so much time on things that don't really matter.  So much wasted energy in our lives that are used for things that have no eternal value!  We had an awareness that God was already in the process of changing us before she even left! 

They will be arriving in South Africa today around 11 am central time zone.  I can't wait to hear from them!  God worked out such an amazing thing.  They were going to have to stay in a hotel tonight by THEMSELVES before they catch their plane for their final destination.  That was the hardest part for all of us.  We made hotel reservations and my husband called the American Embassy to let them know there would be 2 teens staying there just to cover all of our bases!  Well, Monday with still an unsettled feeling of them being there all alone, A friend of ours from America told us they knew of a family that would host them overnight in South Africa!  We were so very relieved!  All that we were fearing, God took care of!  Imagine that!  It was such a confirmation that we don't need to know all the facts from the beginning, we just need faith to make the first step and God will take care of the rest!  Obedience is the key! 

These next few weeks will be a mother's heart as her children are in Africa.  I will be sharing MY heart.  Some days will be uplifting and some may be sad but I am going to pour my heart out on this blog!    I will also post when I hear from my kids and use that also.  I have so much emotion that it overwhelming.  Writing will help me and I would love to have you along on our journey!  Any uplifting things you could comment, would be welcomed as this mama's heart is going to miss them and the encouragement of other's will be wonderful!! 

Please remember to love your kids today, as if you are sending them to Africa tomorrow!

More to come...

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