Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Friday~ mini me

This is my 14 year old with her little "mini Me"
You can't see it, but they both have deep dimples and the EXACT same color of hair!

It is so fun to watch the older kids fall in love with the little ones of the family!
What blessings we have been given!

Take time to enjoy your blessings this weekend!

One week left for our kids to be home from Africa and sleeping in their own beds!  I can't wait!  Please continue to pray for them.  They are in villages this week and it has been the worst living conditions they have witnessed so far.  No shower for 5 days and the food is less than desirable!  Along with bats, rats, lizards, and their mattress covered in bugs that you really don't need to shoo them away because they are so thick it is pointless! Since it is daytime here, she said it was good I was awake because then I could pray her to sleep!  That was quite a tug on this mama's heart!
 However, my daughter had the chance to tell one lady of Jesus who had NEVER even heard of His name and she brought her to Christ.  Also, a 14 year old that got to know Jesus just because they were in the village they were in. God is using them as ministers for Him.  For that we are truly thankful!  My daughter said it is worth losing all of her comforts and she would live like she has been for the rest of her life if it would mean helping others find Jesus!  Nothing else really matters!
May I have that Christlike mind in my life!

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