Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is what legends are made of!

I am loaded with thoughts today...

````Feeling melancholy`````
````My husband said today, that he feels like he is in Jericho and the walls are falling down on him````
````It has been a year without a job now````
````I want to encourage my husband````
````God is the only one who can fully do that right now````
````I am trusting that God knows everything about our situation and He ALWAYS provides````
````If He gave us everything we wanted at the time we wanted it, we would not have the ability to appreciate His faithfulness to it's fullest```
````When there are no answers, we have no one to trust but God````
````To have "faith of a child" means that when we get up in the morning, we know God is taking care of us````
````Why do we search for OUR ways, when we know that Gods way is best?````
````I am reminded that sending my kids to Africa came at just the right time for us to be reminded of God's provision````
````Our kids faith is built by watching us go through tough times and how we rely on God````
````If that is what it takes for my children to see Jesus, it is ALL worth it!````
````I hope I have been and will be a testimony to them in their future and now````
````I have realized the things I once thought I NEEDED were just comforts````
````I am so thankful for the things I do have````
````Amazing how when you have everything stripped away, the things that really matter become clearer````
````When you have the ability to not focus on self, you start to desire to serve other's more````
````That is where true joy begins to seep in and eventually overflows with abundance````
````Would I walk through this valley again?````
Yes, because it has been the greatest spiritual growing experience I have ever encountered

After all...

These stories are what legends are made of and the testimonies of how Jesus brought us through that can be passed down from generation to generation of how God loves and provides for His children!

I will continue to walk and not be shaken! 


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