Thursday, November 3, 2011

Geometry lesson

This is a GREAT geometry project. 
Little ones can do it too!
Get creative with the items you can use
We had marshmallows and yogurt covered raisins.
Try fruit snacks, BIG marshmallows, jelly beans or anything chewy
Use coffee filters to hold the contents because they won't roll out that way
oh, and they are VERY cheap!  :)

We used toothpicks
 You could use strait pretzels
We tried spaghetti noodles but they broke to easily
(That was also a great experiment for the little ones to learn from!)
I will never understand why kids like to eat raw shaghetti!
(That really had nothing to do with anything!)
My kids worked at this for a LONG time!
They tried many different creations
My 9 year old did this and we decided it was our favorite
 and it held up really well!

It is so fun to watch them learn while having a great time!

Be creative and think outside of the box!
They will thank you for it!

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