Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hands on!

After having only one boy, I realized that he was going to need "hands on" activies!
And with the weather changing and not lots of time outdoors,
I quickly remembered what my oldest used to LOVE to do!

One of the favorite things for him to do was
 to take apart broken electronics.
We have passed down the torch, so to speak!
We had an old vcr that broke so I cut off the electric cord and they went to town!
For literally HOURS...
they detached every part possible!
Not a wire or squiggly thingy bob was left!
(I am a female and that is my terminology!)
They used screwdrivers and pliers and their own fingers
Until it was no longer recognizable.
They took turns and figured out which tools they would need to desassemble it all!
Then their older brother came home and showed them how to build a little engine out of the tiny motors. 
It was an unforgetable experience for all of us!
My 6 year old even carried his in his pocket to church!

I love boys!

I highly recommend it for any busy boys!
They will love it!

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blueschoolmomma said...

Oh I'm so glad you reminded me of this! Alec used to do that all the time. We had a HUGE tub of electronic mumble jumble sitting around for quite a while. I need to get some stuff for Benji to take apart now, too! Although we don't have an older brother to teach them how to make an engine! Nice!!! I'm not sure even Daddy could teach them that...

Jackie said...

My two girls love doing this! It's taught them a lot, too!


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