Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where have I...

...been, you ask? would probably not believe all of it if I told you!  And I am sure I don't have the room and you don't have the time!  But I will clue you in on a few things...
  • As of yesterday, we had 1 day to pack and move out
  • Today, our house sold at auction to the bank
  • We have about 2 weeks to get out!  (Better than 24 hours!)
  • A DEAR lady has volunteered her empty home to our family to live in, free of rent as long as we need it! 
  • That is AMAZING! 
  • We have LOTS of work to do but my kids have GREAT attitudes!
  • I went through a terrible loss but I am recovering with peace
  • God has provided in BEAUTIFUL, UNEXPECTED ways!
  • We all had the stomach flu that strung out over a span of 2 weeks
  • Yes, it was as bad as it sounds! 
  • We survived!  (I still am wanting a shirt to wear that reads, " I survived being a mom of 12 with the flu!")
  • My husband had an interview
  • We have not heard back yet
  • We are still praying for a particular blessing that we feel God has for us
  • Not sure of the timing, but we know God knows what is best for us
  • I have never been through as much as I have been through in the past 2 months
  • God has never felt closer!
  • His grace is ever-present and my faith has become SO great!
  • That is only through Him because He has carried us
  • My husband has been a pillar and I am so totally in love with him even more
  • All of this is worth it to show God how much I love Him and that I trust Him
  • He can be trusted and His way IS best even if we don't understand it
  • I have had moments of kicking and screaming quite often
  • I finally am "still"
  • It's better that way
  • Our lives will be changing even more, but with His hand, we will be more than okay!
Thank you for your continued prayers!  I cannot tell you how they have carried me through!  What we have been through, has forever changed me.  I will be Jesus hands and feet and not depend that others are doing it!  I will get my hands "dirty" and dig deep to make sure that I am used by Him to love others in the way that He has shown us HIS love and provision!

I will be continuing the story, but time may be far and few between until we get moved.  Hang in there with your hands folded in prayer!  I am truly humbled!


abba12 said...

I'm praying for you. Your hints sound like you might have miscarried, if that's the case I'm so sorry for your loss, especially in the timing.

We just got an eviction notice ourselves. Thankfully we have grounds to contest it, but either way, looks like we might be packing up and moving out too.

God knows what he's doing :)

Robin said...

Praying, Heather!!! Please send me your new address sometime. Much love and big (((hugs)))

Robin said...

Praying, Heather!!! Please send me your new address sometime. Much love and big (((hugs)))


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