Monday, April 30, 2012

Hope, Peace and somewhere in between

When all resources are finally exhausted, you begin to realize that your life IS in God's hands!
Totally, fully, and 150%!
No more striving
No more searching
No more looking
No more wondering
No more looking to YOUR idea's

They don't work anyway!

For a time,
(LOT'S longer than I care to admit)...
My idea's were first and foremost!
The scary thing was, I THOUGHT I was just "waiting on God"
And yet, I kept dreaming of MY way and how I thought things should work!
So really was I "waiting" on Him or "waiting" for Him to do things MY way?
The money I thought we needed to make it
The job I thought my husband needed
The life I thought we deserved and how "surely" God would give us nothing less than that!
We have been obedient after all!

I began to see after the final surrender He was longing for me to get to

I realized that by HIS grace, He did not let me stumble!
He kept me from the things I THOUGHT I needed

 I am finally at a place of Peace

It did not come easy!
It was...

Then there came Hope!
Now I realize I cannot search for anything but the One who has it ALL in His hands!


It is ALL His and I know that I know that I know
He has plans to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future!

That is where my Hope is and how I have found the
Peace that passes ALLLLL understanding!

I am His and He is mine!

That is Amazing!

Don't try anymore to do it on your own!

It won't work!

His plan is best
Rest in that and find your hope in the cross
It is ALL you need

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