Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sand soap and noodles on the wall

Our home is overflowing with boys!  7 boys 11 years and younger to be exact!  Yes, we have 4 girls but my boys are leaving their mark/marks all over!  I say and do some things during the day that when I sit down at night I CANNOT believe I have done and said!  Here are a few:

  • "NO!!!  PLEASE stop throwing your wet pull-up against the dresser!  Now go pick up all the pieces!"
  • Speaking of pull-ups, it is NOT fun to cleaning up the contents of them after they have gone through the wash cycle in the washing machine!
  • "Why do you have your brother's pants down?"
  • Speaking of pants down, I have now changed a diaper in every place imaginable!  From the living room floor to a car floor and I have even changed one while they are sitting up in a stroller! (Although I don't recommend it!)
  • While we are on that subject, I NEVER understand why I don't just wash a pair of boy's underwear when I am in doubt if they are dirty!  Smelling them first is just not the best idea! 
  • "NO you cannot ride on that dog!"
  • "Get your feet out of your baby's sister's face!  She does NOT want to kiss your toes!"
  • Speaking of toes, I will never figure out how we are always looking for a "pair" of shoes as we are racing out the door and usually the match is not even located in the home when it is found! It's usually outside, in the car, a mud puddle or possibly hanging on the basketball rim!
  • "No, I don't know what will happen if you throw that spaghetti noodle up to the ceiling fan!  No, I don't WANT to know!  Yes, you might think it would be fun but I don't!"
  • It is always a mystery to me how a boy can be in a shower for a VERY long time and get out with knees, ankles and face still caked with dirt!
  • Speaking of showering, how is it that I can shower for months, possibly years, and the shower curtain NEVER falls down, but when 2 brother's are in together, the curtain falls EVERY time!
  • There are times when I have bought a brand new bottle of shampoo only to find it totally empty the next day with a HUGE soap scum ring up to the top of the tub!  Gives a new meaning to bubble bath!
  • I have picked up the bar of soap at the bottom of the tub and start to soap off only to realize that it was COVERED in sand!!  Good for exfoliating I guess!
  • "It is not kind to tell that man that his hair is messed up and a good thing he does not have much!"
  • "We DO NOT hold each other down until they scream!  Why?  Because it is just not nice!"
  • I am soooo thankful I do have 7 boys around!  We have on occasion, bats in our house and they are ALWAYS willing to slay them for me with a tennis racket!  For that I am VERY thankful!
  • "Why is there underwear in the ceiling light?"
  • "Get off the garage roof and get that ladder back NOW!!!"
There are days, I wonder if I will make it through!  I have learned to ask myself MANY times, will they be doing this 10 years from now and does it really matter?  (I have also come to find that I don't always like the answer!)  Lol!  My guess is some of these things they might still be doing 10 years from now!  *sigh*  So for now, I must take a deep breath and learn to laugh it away and remind myself that someday, I WILL miss this!  Life with little boys is always an adventure but I LOVE seeing their little innocent ways and how they bring me flowers (weeds)  just because they want to see me smile!  I hope they do grow up and call me "blessed" some day!  It will be worth the sand soap and noodles on the walls!


A.J. said...

It was so funny to read this! :D It's a good thing you have a sense of humour... :P

Mayla said...

So cute! Made me smile and laugh all the way through :) You are awesome, Heather, and I'm sure they will rise up and call you blessed!

abba12 said...

Oh your stories make me look forward to having boys! Then again, I think I'm more familiar with boys than girls! My daughter has no fear, getting into the most insane and precarious positions, and she's only 15 months! Just yesterday she was sitting at the top of some playground equipment swinging one foot over the edge and she had almost lowered her bottom off over the edge too (evidently she had tried to climb down the rope net before discovering she was FAR too short! she was now stuck in the middle) I try to let her learn from experience most the time, a little fall never hurt anyone, but she was 5 foot up and I KNOW her little arms wouldn't hold her yet. I'm just wondering when SHE will work it out, because sprinting towards the equipment when another mother informs me what she's doing isn't fun! (I was watching her mind you, but I am legally blind, so while I knew which lump was her by the colour of her clothes, a good reason not to dress her in the 'in' colours and clothes, and was following her movements, I didn't see what the leg was doing until the little bottom began to drop down, at which point I was already running to catch lol.)

You combine her sense of adventure with the fact I'm legally blind and wow, gotta pray for Gods protection beause half the time that's all that's protecting her! Short of following a couple feet behind her constantly I just gotta let her develop some common sense!


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