Monday, July 2, 2012

It's all good

I cannot believe all that God has done this week!
 (I am really in awe of that every week!)
He showed up at our annual church campmeeting
He has given our family a direction for Him
Lives were forever touched and changed for eternity
I miss going this week
The new bedtime was 3 hours later than normal ALL last week
The new waking time was about 2 hours later than normal
It was nice but ready to get back on schedule

I had 2 kids away at grandma and grandpa's all week
One got TERRIBLY homesick
It was hard on me
He survived
So did I :)

It has been so grossingly (new word)  HOT
If you know much about me, I DO NOT like summer
I think it's going to be a long one!
I am thankful for my home with central air
Actually my kids are thankful because...
I am a GRUMP when I can't cool off FAST

I have a slower week planned
Music lessons and fun activites
I will NOT be taking part in the fireworks
Why?  It will be 98 degrees that day
My kids would like to ENJOY them
Not possible with a grumpy mom

I have let go of my oldest son since he has left
Maybe a little too much I am finding out
Nothing better than learning you are missed by your child
It gives me warm fuzzies
I realize that all the work of raising a child pays off
I get to realize that 11 more times :)

Getting ready for a garage sale
It is SO time consuming
Hoping it is worth it!
I can't believe how much 'stuff' accumulates
Getting rid of most everything
We don't want to pay for our storage unit any longer
Last week, my hubby and I went through EVERYTHING one by one
It was actually fun being together and going over memories
Wondering why I saved some things

Nothing monumental in our lives have changed
We are more content and at peace than we have ever been!
It's been quite a journey
I would not trade it for ANYTHING!
It's ALL good!


1 comment:

Rhen @Yes, they are all mine said...

I am working on purging as much as I can as well. Our gymnast's gym will be hosting a yard sale in September, and I am using that as an opportunity to get rid of a bunch of stuff! Love it!


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