Monday, July 16, 2012

update during the "Dog days of summer"

No, I have not melted away but it's hot here!  WAY to hot for WAY to long!  I HATE summer for those of you who don't already know that!  For those of you who do, I STILL hate it!  I have not changed my mind!  HOWEVER, I am thankful for central air and at least it's a dry heat!  Ha! 

I have not blogged much!  Other things are begging for my attention!  Like:

  • The book I am FINALLY writting!
  • my 15 month old cutting her molars
  • still schooling during the summer
  • trying to adjust to some more detailed in-home structure
  • preparing and having yard sale...yes in this heat! (When you need money, it makes no difference how hot it is even for me!) 
  • free bowling at the local bowling alley!  (Some good laugh, stress relief has come from those weekly ventures!) 
  • swimming and picnics
  • visit's to and from grandparents
  • realizing that my due date would have been this week...that is still hard to muddle through!
  • keeping in touch with my oldest who has flown the nest for the summer
  • preparations for my oldest daughter going to Guatamala for mission work
  • really, the flat out truth is, I have 12 kids and it is summer, need I say more?!
It is busy but as long as I can stay cool inside or by the water, I'm good!  However, I really do look forward to fall! 

I am going to be starting a new blog once my book is finished but for now, please continue to check in.  I will be here less frequently but I will continue to leave my hand-print every now and then!  I hope you are staying cool and enjoying your summer!

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blueschoolmomma said...

Funny, I was just thinking of the phrase "dog days of summer" today when I saw our dog sitting 6 inches away from the giant, commercial fan we have in our kitchen! LOL! Thank goodness it's not still in the 100's here like it was last week...
Congratulations on deciding to write a book, can't wait to see it!


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