Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Blessed Am I...

God has blessed me so many times in my life with amazing friends!  For a few years after we moved, I really had not ONE!  I prayed for just one!  I had the phone to catch up with "old" friends but not one that I could see face to face or have coffee with.  I felt so lonely!  It was a time of leaning on God as a friend and my relationship with Him grew into something that was so amazing!  He was my friend...He showed me His heart and I desired to have His heart!   I am so thankful for that time!  How blessed am I!

Now, after years of praying for a "friend"  God has abundantly blessed me!  I have some people that he has placed in my life for this moment and this time that have been EXACTLY what I needed!  I have learned to continually run to God first but I also now have some ladies I can share my heart with and they love me just the way I am.  I feel so privileged and honored to be in their lives!  They have become my sister's and we have the same Heavenly Father and we share the same have the heart of our Father's!  How blessed am I!

Over the years, my mom became a friend to me.  I realized she knew WAY more than I thought she did!  I began to share my love for God and she shared her love for Him with me.  ALL the time by living it and I observed it knowing I wanted what she had!  She passed that longing for God down to me and it grew in my heart.  That is where it all began!  I could NEVER repay her for that!  It is why I live and breath!  How do you thank someone for that?  I can't even begin to show her, but mom...thank you!  Because of you, mom...I want so much to have the heart of Heavenly Father!  How blessed am I!

My daughters are also becoming my "friends"!  They are 17, 15, and 13 and growing up!  It is so fun to share the things of God!  We cry together, laugh together and yes, even have those little moments of 'ARGH..." with each other but it is so very precious!  I wonder can your daughter's be your sister's in Christ?  I think so!  What a joy to discover that and after all the years of raising them, you begin to see the rewards!  I have pointed them to God and now...they have the heart of their Heavenly Father!  How blessed am I!

My husband is my BEST friend and words cannot express the love we share!  I am overwhelmed at the way he loves and accepts me and how much he has sacrificed for me!  I can tell him my deepest longings and dreams!  He does not laugh at me when I talk about things that sound crazy.  He just sits and listens and nods his head in agreement.  He has seen my joy and my tears and loves me with a love I never thought I would find on this earth!  He is my friend and we share one have the heart of our Father!  How blessed am I!

My heart is overflowing with joy because He has given me the gift of friendship in so many ways!  Not because He had to but because He has choosen to and He knew it would bless my heart!  Friends who point me to Him and the cross!  I hope I can be the friend God has called me to be and when this life on earth for me is through, I will have blessed other's because I have had the heart of my Heavenly Father! 

To all of you I have considered my "friend" through all these years...thank you, I am honored to know you and so thankful God has given you to me!

How blessed am I!

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mayla said...

Im honored to call you friend & sister!


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