Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have issues...

  I can have issues with:
  • muddy boys
  • dirty floors
  • potty-training
  • not being able to find that one shoe
  • matching socks
  • staying disciplined
  • saying no
  • saying yes
  • making meals
  • shopping on a TIGHT budget
  • constant laundry
  • understanding activity level of boys
  • selfishness
  • time management
  • following through
  • keeping my mouth quiet
  • running errands
  • keeping up with everyone and everything...
  • And MANY more! 
The one thing I have to remember is that even with all of these issues, I have a place to go.  It's a resting place like no other.  No vacation, drug, spa, calgon, "me" time, or a cup of "Joe" or even a Coke, could give me what just a few moments at Jesus feet can give me. 

When my "issues" become a battle for me and my focus changes to what I have to give up, I remember that I need to once again, decide that I can't do this alone.  This job of mothering is hard but I know that Jesus knows what it is like to deal with 12 selfish, greedy, self-centered people!  I must see that I too am teaching "disciples" to go out and live a Godly life and I am the example that Christ was for HIS disciples when He walked this earth. 

My disciples are watching and I hope that when my "issues" become an issue, I turn to the one who was PERFECT at discipiling HIS disciples!!  That means minute by minute, I look to Him.  I will always have "issues" but if I learn where my humanness leaves off and where His grace begins, (at the beginning), I will be equipped to lead my disciples to Him!  What a job, but I am so thankful for it and even glad I have issues because I have learned the answer to resting in my Savior!

Psalm 132:14
“This is my resting place forever; here I will dwell, for I have desired it.



Robin said...
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Robin said...

So true,Heather! It is easy to get discouraged at times..but lifting our thoughts and looking to Jesus is always the answer!!!


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