Monday, November 5, 2012

The time change...

The time change is NEVER easy on me! 
I do not recieve the extra hour of sleep than some claim to get!
I ALWAYS lose at least an hour because kids just seem to have that internal clock that does not reset easily! They have all been up rarin' to go by 5 the past two mornings!
 I have realized mine does not reset easily either...
I have gotten more done by 8 this morning than I get done in an entire morning some days!
I get sleepy by 8 so I am considering just keeping my internal clock the same and not changing it! 
I won't need to retrain myself, it is already established!  More prayer time in the morning, and hopefully lots more will get accomplished before anyone gets up...
Now if I can get them to get into a new routine and I don't wear myself out keeping up with their new clocks!
This will be interesting for all of us but somehow it always works out! :)



blueschoolmomma said...

Whomever came up with Daylight Savings Time clearly had no children! LOL! It's not terribly difficult with the ages we have now, but with the kids younger, napping, etc. it was HORRIBLE! And yes, I"m realizing that I get to experience that all over again in a few short months! :-)

Jessica said...

Dailight savings means nothing to parents, if we are meant to "get an extra hour" then the kids just get up earlier.If we get an hour less the kids get up later unless you set the alarm.I dont like daylight savings either, its not how the world is meant to be!


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