Saturday, September 13, 2008

A nice slow day

Not many things going on today. Well, if you consider 7 boys, 3 girls , a cat, a dog and 5 hamsters, not much! Dad was also home to enjoy a day with all of us. The extra eyes and ears and a living jungle gym around for the boys to climb on, gives us a change of normal weekday activities. IOWA Hawks did win so the moral for the day was a nice pleasant one since dad is a Hawk fan. A couple days of off school for the older ones is welcomed also! I had time to catch up on checking assignments and began to make the plans for next week. I do enjoy weekends. Not really less for me to do, just a change of pace mentally. (Joe did let me sleep in an extra hour, which I am not accustomed to doing!) Little Andru had a rough night. I really don't like sleeping in because it seems like the day goes so fast! Well, it did! I cannot believe it is bedtime for the little ones already! I hope whomever reads this is doing well and like our family heard at bible-time this morning, that you have found something today that you are grateful for that God has done for you!

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