Friday, September 12, 2008

Just a rainy day!

The rain came down allllllll day today! I received a couple phone calls and one lady actually said to me, "Well, I better let you go so you can back to your war zone!" I felt like at times today fighting in a war might be easier! At least I would have a weapon to defend myself! I was then reminded, I do have a weapon! And not only a weapon, but armor! I wondered if I asked God today to help me put on my armor? I got up not realizing that my children would be enduring some cabin fever! I stopped and asked God to help me put on all my "gear" that I would need for the day. After all, He knew my whole day and what I would face! How dare me not ask Him for my needs! Slowly, at times slower than I would have chosen, things began to fall into place. We got out some play-dough and were entertained for awhile. My younger boys played on our screened in porch for at least an hour! There was just harmony all the sudden in our home. Now understand, not quietness, just harmony! My oldest even cooked dinner for me! I got to sit down with a book for a short time during nap time, and corrected school work and then it ended with a little time on the computer to gather my thoughts for the day. I am reminded to day to start each day asking God to place my armor on me and to fill my day with nothing less and nothing more than what He has for me. He has given me a weapon and the armor to protect me in this scary war zone, called self! Thank you God!

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Annika said...

Great reminder Heather! Love your background. Glad you have found blogger world. Now I can keep in touch every day with you!! Let me know when I can add your link to my blog. Annika


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