Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our faith, God's size!

Today as my day begins, my life can seem like it has some pretty big obstacles. If I think about them I could get overwhelmed. I am then reminded of Psalm 71:5- For You are my hope Lord God. You are my trust from my youth.
I am to remember that God is bigger than anything I might face today. We should never measure our obstacle's against our own strength but against the size of God. Helps puts things in perspective, huh? Look at David's obstacle! The giant who was over 9 feet tall! He was a small boy and decided to look at the size of God not his obstacle! What lessons can be learned from that example! (Remember though, David was human! He did take 5 stones just in case the first one did not work!) David did go out in faith and put it to the test! Because of that, that little rock hit like a boulder! God was faithful and David's faith was honored! We don'[t stand in victory because of our faith in our spirituality, our victory rests in faith in our GOD! Faith in a living, active God moves mountains, moves our obstacle's, and in David's case, can knock a giant to the ground! Remember that as you face your giants today! But, don't use any other rocks to help you, just the one true ROCK! Jesus!

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