Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Little Light of Mine

Have you ever heard the words, God's Glory? I have said it and heard it! One of the times I remember it is mentioned in the bible is when God brought Moses to the mountain and God's Glory was so bright that Moses could not even look in the direction of God. He had to cover His face because it was so bright! I thought of some words for "God's glory"- brightness, light, perserverence, beauty, lingering brightness, afterglow because of being in the presence of God. Now what does it mean to have others see God's glory in our lives? To have others see His glory means when going through life, be it trials or our convictions, God's "brightness" will shine not only for the moment but others will see the beauty and lingering rements of God in our life. We will make an impact on others because of our faith in Him. So others will not only SEE the Glory of God in our lives, but our obedience will leave an afterglow that will last. Also know, we don't have to do anything to BE in His glory except be where He is. Moses had to obey by going to the cliff, and because of His obedience he was in the presence of God and saw God's glory just because He was there with God. When He returned to the people they saw he had been with God because the brightness and afterglow was still upon him! If we are walking in His glory, we don't need to do anything for others to see His glory in us except obey and trust Him. The path will continue to be "lit" for us to follow. If we truly know what it is like to be in His Glory, to walk away from it would be obvious and painful to our spirit. The darkness would "blind" us and cause us confusion. With God there is NO confusion. Only light! God's glory is ever present. When we try to be proud or boastful, of our faith, (give our own glory to us) it is a struggle to keep it "glowing". WE feel we have to keep doing things to keep the light going. Like keeping a campfire burning. It is work and it takes effort for everyone to benefit from it, however when allowing yourself to be in GOD'S Glory, there is no effort and others will benefit from it just because of Him, not you! You are just there! Allowing His light to be your light. All you do is rest and watch where He desires to lead you. Sing to yourself, 'This Little Light of Mine' to start your day, and remember, it is only because of God, we are light to others! Just obey and trust Him! He loves you with an everlasting love![Photo][Photo]
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