Monday, October 20, 2008

A day in the life with 10arrows, and mom!

I saw this idea to give others a glimpse of a day in our life. It varies somewhat, but for the most part, this is our life:

5:15 am- feed the baby and put him back to bed

5:30am- My time with God (essential if I am to function the rest of the day!)

6:45am- I attempt to get in the shower before little yawns and footsteps can be heard (this morning I made it, some mornings I have little ones waiting in the bathroom for me when I open the shower curtain!

7:00am- downstairs to start my day as a mommy and wife and asked by 2 or 3 little boys to get their clothes ( I guess they are ready to start their day whether I am ready or not!)

7:30am- baby wakes up and needs to cuddle~So at this point I am on the couch with at least 4 other children who are asking me to get them dressed, eat and go outside! (I don't think the world is quite ready for them yet, I tell them!)

8:00am- The long awaited breakfast is here! We have eggs, bagels, and pineapple this morning. Depending on the day, breakfast changes. My favorite day is Tuesday, that is cereal day! Okay, I admit, it's my lazy meal. Internally, I feel better when I make a good, healthy breakfast, but sometimes my flesh enjoys the simple route.

8:15am- feed baby his cereal while other kids enjoy thier food

8:30am- we do morning charts and prepare for bible time

9:00am- pick up daughter from orchestra

9:30am- get home and oldest son has little ones wound up higher than a kite. Have to coral them all and prepare for bible time

9:45am- still trying to prepare for bible time which is usually at 9:00 but I'm losing ground quickly. Baby is supposed to be down for morning nap, he is crying at my feet, 2 year old needs diaper change and 3 year old needs wiped, I guess bible time will be at 10:00, I think!

10:00am- I finally put baby down a half hour late, and tell the kids to sit at the table for bible time so when I come downstairs they will be ready 10:05am- Hey, they are all sitting at the table! Okay, so we are an hour and 5 minutes off schedule.

10:30am- Kids begin their assignments, little ones begin playing, and throwing things, and need my assistance, so I get out puzzles for them to do

11:00am- well, puzzles lasted for awhile, now playdough is in order then I call a couple of the older ones to read to the younger ones for reading time

12:00pm- buddies prepare lunch (we have a buddy system in order so older kids can help with younger kids) Baby wakes up from nap

12:30pm- charts get done, and I feed the baby

1:00pm- naps for youngest 6, usually time for me to run errands while the oldest babysits, but today, I cleaned an edlerly ladies home

3:00pm- I get home and 2 kids are up, 4 still sleeping, I begin dinner preparations while the 2 that are up help me mix and stir

4:00pm- everyone is up and we prepare the house for dad to come home and I look over school work that is completed

5:00pm- we try to keep the sanity and quietness by reading books until dad walks in the door

5:30pm- we eat dinner, this meal was very crazy and hectic, maybe it's the weather! Lots of noise and chatter. I remember someday I will miss all these little faces and voices in my dining room

5:45pm- dinner clean-up and baths for little ones and feed baby

6:30pm- dad's playtime with the kids or should I say wrestle time with the kids

7:00pm- the two little ones go to bed

7:30pm- story time with dad

8:00pm- bedtime for the rest of the kids, older ones can read in their room, for some reason having a hard time getting the little boys to settle down. This is NOT an option in our home! Dad uses his sleeping in the playroom by yourself threat, and for the most, it part seems to work.

8:30pm- all is quiet and time for my husband and I to chat and go over our day

9:30pm- preparation for the next day and bed time for me! *For the most part, this is our daily schedule. Whew, I'm tired reading about it!
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The McNary Family said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family! You are so blessed! Thank you for sharing your schedule, it was helpful.
In Him,
Rachel from the Quiverful site

nlaemt said...

Hello everyone,
I miss you guys. It is so fun to see pictures of all the kids. Brandon and Taylor love to look at it also. Hope to see you soon.
Love ya guys,

Trina said...

I can related to that schedule, somewhat similar to ours. But we only have nine :)

You have a beautiful family!


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