Friday, October 17, 2008


Today, I am reminded to thank God for my friends. Friends who have been there through all the fun stuff and the not so fun stuff!
A true friend is so hard to find. A friend who is still your friend even though you have not seen them face to face for literally months or years! (A phone is a wonderful invention!) In the business of motherhood, there is little time to maybe spend the time with them that you would like, but for all things there is a season and for a friend to understand that and continue with the friendship is a beautiful thing! I believe through all the seasons of my life, God has hand-picked all my friends. (And by His grace, He allowed some of the ones I would have chosen as friends growing up, to go our seperate ways!) I still have contact with those who are really near to my heart. (You know who you are!) I am a person who always has just a small handful of close friends. Those who I can bear my soul to, lifting me up in prayer and think of me often. For those of you who are reading this and consider yourself my friend, thank you! This is for you! To my mother, this is for you also! You have known me since the beginning and choose to love me anyway! :) I thank God for all of you! I thank God for all the seasons in my life that you have helped me and the blessing you have been to me! What a gift! Hug or call someone today thanking them for their friendship. It will bless them!
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Annika said...

You are a dear friend! You made me cry. I'm still pinching myself :)

Darlene said...

I came over from Quiverfull Digest. It's nice to see someone else's blog that has a lot of children. I like the sidepost of your kids' writings too. What a nice bunch!

We just spent the weekend with some friends that came in from out of town and I agree with the post about friends. We have been friends for 14 years and when you see each other, you can just pick up where you left off. A special friend is a blessing!

In Christ,

Kris said...

I came over from QF Digest too, and I'm just loving your blog, how cute to have so much of your daily life out there for the world to see, and what an awesome testimony to the Lord's goodness!

I agree, true God-chosen friends are worth their weight in gold. I've only got one--and while we don't agree on everything (she only has ONE child by choice and works for a public school), we would defend each other to the death, and that's such an encouragement to each of our hearts!

God bless,


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