Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A day in my life

I love to hear what other homeschooling/stay at home moms do with their day and how and if they schedule things the way I do. SO...I am asking those of you who feel like it, to let me know how you plan your day. I am going to put how MOST of my weekdays go with some variation. Or feel free to just tell me what you did yesterday and how everything worked out. Can't wait to read how people live their day to day lives! Please don't feel like you can't write in if you don't homeschool. I still would love to hear what others do!

5:30am- Time of prayer, and bible reading
7:00am- Shower and dress for the day (I must never skip this because I will NEVER get in the shower if I don't do it at this time!)
7:30am- help get breakfast ready. (We have a buddy system in our home, so usually I get the youngest one his breakfast and everyone else gets their buddies)
8:00am- clean up and make sure buddies get showered and dressed
9:00am- put little one down for nap and prepare for bible time
9:30am- bible time
10:00am- blanket time for little ones and school assignments for older kids
10:45am- Older kids continue with school while I spend time with younger kids
11:45am- I either prepare lunch or one of the older kids organizes it
12:00pm- eat lunch
12:30pm- clean up and free time
1:00pm- naps for little ones and I help older ones with school assignments or this is the time 2x's a week I run errands while one of the older kids babysits while the younger ones are sleeping
3:00pm- free time
4:30pm- prepare dinner
5:30pm- assigned kids set table and we eat dinner!
6:00pm- clean up and jammie time
7:00pm- youngest 2 go to bed and dad goes over assignments with older kids- mom showers ALONE with the door locked :) Yes, I shower 2x's a day! Just a habit I guess! ;)
7:30pm- family time
8:00pm- all kids go to bed with the exception of a couple nights a week when they get to stay up until 9pm YES, even my oldest kids go to bed at this time but they can do school work, read, draw or write as long as they are quiet. This is something my husband and I decided when our first child was born. It is essential for our marriage to connect every night. I strongly recommend this. If you think it is too late, try doing small increments of time at first and explain to your children why it is so important! It is for the benefit of the whole family! A strong marriage is the most important in God's eyes for family unity.
8:00pm- Time with my hubby!
between 9:30 and 10:00pm- I go to bed
Start over again!

Please leave your daily schedule to share with all of us on the comments! I would love to hear from all of you! Have a God-blessed day!

P.S. If you don't have a schedule you follow, that's okay! Just let us know what you did yesterday or another day that you want to write about. This is not about seeing how perfect everybody is! It is just something I thought would be fun!


Dawn said...

Wow, you are so organized! I totally need a better schedule. We have been sick and getting lazy about sleeping in! Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin said...

Your schedule is awesome! My hubby works a swing shift so our days get kind of crazy at times...often just go with the flow. I would love to get better Dawn said, your schedule is an inspiration!!!

Qtpies7 said...

I am SO not scheduled! LOL We used to be more scheduled when the older kids were younger, but then my husband got a job where he didn't get home until 8pm. Since we homeschooled we just moved our day so that we could eat together as a family and then they couldn't go to bed right after eating, so it became a late schedule, and we'd sleep in until 9-10.
Now that dh works from home and the kids are in public school, we are all messed up. They are still used to being up late, and I am not in any shape to set a new schedule because my youngest has been going through some sort of issue that has us majorly sleep deprived for over a year. We just got through it and it started back up this week. Yikes!!!!

But I do get up between 7-8 every day now, becuase of the kids going to school. I either get up with them at 7, or my husband does, but by the time the last kid is out the door at 8, I can't sleep anymore becuase they have bugged me so much.

From there, we wing it. The littles usually get up around 10.

I so need to get a schedule going again, because I am so tired of this. So if I can get Sam back to sleeping at night again, I plan to work them down to an 8PM bedtime and make the teens go upstairs by that time and no noise after 8.


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